Action Research at Work

In this section of my site, I wanted to convey the amount of volunteerism and unwritten work I completed throughout this course. A breakdown of my hours spent devoted to English 306 can be seen below:

Hours Log

This is a showcase of the amount of work done not only in class, but particularly out of class. Most weeks were spent writing out of class and finalizing the bodies of professional writing.

However, you will notice a spike in out of class hours on week 14 (11/19-11/25), and an even greater rise week 15 (11/26-12/2). During this week, our project was coming together towards our Giving Tuesday campaign. I contributed greatly during these two weeks in volunteerism. On week 14, I spent three hours selling raffle tickets to students and faculty, and soliciting monetary donations from faculty during lunch.

Then, during the next week, I sold raffle tickets for three hours at lunch, then had lunch with Dr. Bruess to thank her and her husband for their donation. This was a major lunch, and though I was extremely busy that week with the end of semester nearing, I donated my time to give this kind, generous, and accomplished woman the thanks she deserved. Later that day, I was one of two students who attended the full three hours of our Giving Tuesday final event-the raffle drawing!

In donating these hours to the project, I showed my dedication to not only our class’s mission, but also to my professional writing. Furthermore, I embodied action research: I took our professional work into the real world, to cause and to witness real social change occurring, one of the core tenets in this class. During those two weeks I made a real difference in the lives of those who depend on community gardening to get by. A lovely thank you note by our community partner, Thier, was emailed to myself and the other students who attended the raffle drawing. In this kind note, Their thanked us for our dedication to service education, and stated that because of us, Friends of the Community Gardens is projected to raise $3500-. What a true testament to both the academic and service work I completed throughout this semester with English 306.