Cover Letter

To whom it may concern:

In English 306, Professional Writing, I worked on the Sponsor and Donor Relations Team to develop a series of writings with a goal to reach out to potential sponsors and donors for the Friends of the Community Garden (FCG).

My main contribution was, along with my group members, completing a Sponsor and Donor packet. In particular, I collaborated on the cover letter, helped create incentives for donating, and wrote the “major donors” section. Work on this packet required weeks of focused teamwork with my group members, several rounds of feedback and revisions with the team leader, Drew Scheler, and collaboration with a graphic designer, Bethany Thier. We implemented revisions real-time, and met our deadline to meet with the graphic designer. The impact of this project has been great, and will continue to grow. It has been utilized in soliciting donations from the president of St. Norbert College and Bellin Health, each of whom donated $500. Bellin Health is projected to commit to give more, and to continue to give over a fixed time period. The packet has not only been described as “super meaningful,” “really impressive,” “clear,” and “professional” by our team leader and graphic designer, but it has also been integral in driving FCG, a newly founded organization to develop and solidify its mission.

Additionally, I worked on professional writing in the form of thank you notes, grant proposals, and an application for a partnership with Waseda Farms in De Pere, WI. I wrote a thank-you letter to Cheryl Williams, coordinator of FCG and a longtime volunteer with Brown County Community Gardens (BCCG). This thank you letter, with minimal revisions from Drew, was published with graphic design and mailed to Cheryl. My team also wrote a letter to the president of St. Norbert College and Bellin Health for their donations. These were recently published with graphic design and mailed to the recipients. I also filled out an application for FCG to be the recipient of Waseda Farm’s “Skip the Bag Please” Program (a program in which they donate $1 each time a customer brings in their own bag or carries out their own groceries). I also collaborated with my Sponsor and Donor Relations group members to write a cover letter to this application. It was a two-page letter explaining the organization and why they should choose FCG as their community partner for the month of November. I, myself, implemented several rounds of feedback from Drew in the span of two days to this letter. The impact of this has also been great, as Waseda Farms indeed chose FCG to donate to in the month of November, and we are expecting at least $1000 from them.

In partnership with my team members of the Sponsor and Donor Relations Team, I wrote pieces of highly successful literature to solicit donations from major donors and sponsors. My writing was instrumental in requesting donations, receiving large donations, and providing thanks. It also successfully pushed FCG forward in their development as a community organization.

Thank you for your time,

Danielle Gardner, St. Norbert College ’17