My name is Danielle Gardner. I am a senior at St. Norbert College graduating with a biology degree on December 15, 2017 (YAY!). I will be taking a semester off and working locally (Germantown, WI), and am set to attend medical school in Fall of 2018. I have been accepted to MCW-Milwaukee and have upcoming interviews with other medical schools around the Midwest, including UW Madison. I am flexible and open to a range of specialties as a future physician, but at this moment I envision myself working in pediatrics. In this class, I have learned to write in a more professional context. I gained writing skills useful for resumes, grant and project proposals, and sponsorship packets. The resume writing was helpful, in that I was able to update and revise my professional resume, and I brought updated copies to medical school interviews. I will also likely use project proposals in future research projects during medical school and as a future physician. I am excited for my future as a medical student, and eventually as a physician, and my teamwork, community engagement, and professional writing skills that I enhanced in English 306 will undoubtedly be valuable in my future.

P.S. The picture was taken on top of the tallest mountain in the Bighorn Mountains (Wyoming)-13,167 feet!

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Phone: 262-229-5257