Community Gardening Research

In the beginning of the semester, we researched community gardening, food insecurity and their effects nationally. I assembled a two article BCCG Bibliography on sociological, health, and economic advantages of community gardening was fairly simple. As a ENG306 class we then collaborated on a larger bibliography that was used long term by the Research team. Luckily, there is a large amount of research on the benefits of community gardening and its effects on society.

Community gardening is in large part the result of food insecurity. Food insecurity exists when there is an insufficient supply or access to safe and nutritious food. The most compelling article I’ve found concerned the reduction of hospital readmission after addressing the nutrition. This Food Security Article was my strongest argument from a current and reliable source. It was found on an academic journal website written by a credible author who works within the article’s field and has working background sources.

This, along with my other source, was used in our team’s working bibliography. It provided credible background on the practical benefits of community gardening and granted insight on our the program’s goals. Specifically, research that helped me envision local data was created by the Research team. This Fact Sheet provided my team with facts and figures pertinent to the greater Green Bay community and informed my overall research focus on the infographic and project idea.