To Whom it May Concern…

ENG306: Professional Writing channeled my skills as an organizer and collaborator through a service-oriented partnership with the Friends of the Community Gardens (FCG). In order to support the Brown County Community Gardens, I worked on a Marketing and Logistics team to implement fundraising efforts on the St. Norbert College campus.

The Brown County UW-Extension Community Gardens Program (BCCG) is a non-profit organization that sponsors 10 neighborhood gardens in the Green Bay area. It’s a integral social program in Brown County, but in recent years has been affected by political budgets. Our collaboration with the FCG is focused on creating an endowment fund to protect, support, and grow community gardening. My team — Marketing and Logistics– developed a donation station from November 14th to November 28th to ‘Grow a Meal’. St. Norbert students and staff could donate to the BCCG endowment and raise awareness for food insecurity and food justice.

My main contribution to the Grow a Meal campaign was a community gardens infographic. My work addressed what community gardens are and their health, economic and cultural benefits in the greater Green Bay area. Drew Scheler provided feedback and revisions and I worked in collaboration with a graphic designer, Bethany Thier. Writing the text for an infographic required a concise script that could be easily understood by a diverse audience. I had to breakdown the complex needs of community gardening into two pages and make it interesting.

The finished infographic was phenomenal. My professional contribution to the project created a piece of work that has been used throughout the campaign from the Sponsor and Donor Relations Team to the Vision and Editing Team. My work has been described as ‘complex’ and ‘professional grade’ that integrated the BCCG’s white paper’s philosophy with the organization’s needs. Along with Karen Early’s work on The Changing Face Of Food Insecurity In Brown County, I was able to address the complicated social issue of food justice while focusing on the actual impact in my community.

The feedback from the fundraiser surpassed the team’s expectations. We not only exceeded our fundraising goal, but we also developed long term working relationships between St. Norbert College and Brown County community partners. This work was critical for furthering my professional writing skills and provided space for a necessary social program.

Charlotte Bliss
St. Norbert College Class of 2018