My name is Charlotte Bliss and I’m a senior psychology major with a pre-law minor at St. Norbert College. After graduation, I plan on attending law school to be a family lawyer. The path to my desired career began at The Women’s Community Inc. — my hometown’s domestic violence shelter.

Throughout the summer of 2016, I attended court hearings to support victims of domestic and sexual abuse, read appalling police reports of children being assaulted by family members, filled out restraining orders and sat in on the support group for older women who had experienced abuse their entire lives. I helped move a woman my age into her first apartment who had escaped human trafficking, I played with young children who were scared to leave their mother’s side but mostly, I watched the amazing staff from The Women’s Community continuously and tirelessly advocate for people.

Thanks to the staff’s example, I learned an important lesson: you can’t save people, but you can advocate for their safety, their peace of mind, and their well being. This is a value that the Brown County Community Gardens exemplifies and is why I connected with this project immediately. Social programs like the BCCG and TWC give people the tools to succeed without sacrificing their dignity. 

The next step on my path towards law school is working with the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Brown County. CASA is a nonprofit organization that supports abused and neglected children who are under the legal protection of the court system. Their goal is for every child to feel safe and secure in their home and their community. Hopefully, the experience gained from this crucial organization will inform my future career as a trauma-informed advocate who supports the most disenfranchised of our society.

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