FTS — For The Scholarship

Welcome. I am not an English major — be kind.

This summer, I received a nasty email from the registrar’s office stating that I needed two more credits to keep my scholarship. My options were: bowling, physics and this class.

So, here I am — ENG306: Professional Writing.

As a psychology major with a pre-law focus, my two ‘writing worlds’ are constantly at war. Psychology doesn’t require a lot of ‘professional’ writing — mostly research manuscripts and exam questions — while pre-law is a lot reading and professional writing. Whether it’s reading case studies or affidavits, a lot of law writing is lengthy, confusing summaries that requires integration of materials. Both writing fields demand concision.

I was a strong editor before ENG306 from my background in concise writing. I’m comfortable being an editor. I am not comfortable asking strangers for money or organizing fundraisers. Being placed on the Marketing and Logistics team was a challenge because it was new territory. However, working with a community partner was an empowering, fulfilling experience and I discovered that community gardens are small, but powerful spaces that provide real social change and agency.

Throughout this portfolio, I’ll showcase the impact my work has had on the Brown County community and provide a place for reflection, on not only my professional writing, but on the social impact of this fundraiser.

Thanks for stopping by. Please close the door on your way out.
— Charlotte Bliss