FCG thank you letter

This thank you letter is to show gratitude to the main heads of the FCG board and to FCG as a whole. The thanks is for their guidance and collaboration with our group and class to help this their project and ours become a success.

This helps to establish a lasting relationship with members of FCG while also being a kind and decent thing to do for the people who helped us throughout the semester. The issue would arise in not writing a letter, in which case we would seem ungrateful and maybe turn off FCG with working with another class or SNC so closely in the future.

As with the ethics statement, collaboration with Doctor Scheler proved invaluable towards getting the letter to be both heartfelt and professional. Also, the challenge of writing to people I’ve never met on behalf of people I only know on the surface proved challenging so I was important to go back and find emails to establish some kind of connection.


FCG Thank You