Project Overview

Below are several experts from my team’s Project Proposal that outlined the Sponsorship Packet. I also provided a link to the full Project Proposal at the bottom of the page.

Sponsorship and Donor Relations Team:  

The Sponsorship and Donor Relations Team was tasked with creating a sponsorship packet that would bring in necessary donations for Friends of the Community Gardens fund (FCG). This proposal outlined the type of language we wanted to use in our document, utilizing our knowledge in topics we discussed in class lectures like power, ethics, and topic strings.

Project Proposal:

Project Overview

As the Sponsor and Donor Relations team, it is our goal to provide a definitive sponsorship packet that maintains relevancy far and beyond 2017’s Giving Tuesday drive. This single, yet comprehensive document will outline giving options for large donors, match donors, in-kind donors, and corporate sponsors, as well as information such as BCCG survey responses and statistics on why they should give and how their money will make a difference.

Project Vision and Goals

As a team, we think the best use of our time and skills will be to almost solely focus on a detailed sponsorship packet. Considering the sponsorship packet’s vital role in the Giving Tuesday project, we feel that it deserves our undivided attention. We are open to creating other, less time- consuming projects like setting up meetings with donors via and e-mail template or thanking them by letter, but plan on participating in those projects as needs arise. We see these projects as a need-by-need basis and are unable to predict our total involvement in those projects at this time.

By way of the sponsorship packet, we intend to provide an efficient means of communication for the individuals raising money “in the field.” We hope the creation and distribution of this packet helps the group and any volunteers maintain brand and message cohesion for the Brown County Community Gardens/UW Extension programs and clearly defines the giving options for multiple types of donors in a clear and concise way. With this high level of clarity, we hope to increase our chances of receiving large scale donations towards the Endowment Fund.

We envision the following as part of our overall goals:

  • Ø  A comprehensive sponsorship packet
  • Ø  Reaching out to individual donors/sponsors with the assistance of Dr. Scheler
  • Ø  Setting up meetings with the assistance of Dr. Scheler
  • Ø  Meeting with potential donors with Dr. Scheler present whenever possible, distributingsponsorship packets and asking for their donation
  • Ø  Upon receiving conformation of their donation, sending thank-you letters
  • Ø  Any other projects that may ariseProject TimelineThe Sponsorship and Donor Relations team goal is completing and distributing a comprehensive sponsorship packet with the result of raising $500.00 towards the BCCG Endowment Fund. We consider October 26 to be our hard deadline for the final iteration of this packet, although we will have a version without design ready by October 20 in order to meet with Waseda Farms. Between October 2 and October 26, we will be drafting, editing, and submitting multiple versions of the final project and seeking multiple opportunities to collaborate with other teams and graphic designers.
  • Ø Now through 10/11: Draft introductory section of the packet, contact Bethany to ask for graphic design work
  • Ø  10/11: Completion of introductory sections of sponsorship packet
  • Ø  10/13: Draft sponsor brackets, feedback from Dr. Scheler
  • Ø  10/15: Send draft of sponsor brackets to be approved by the BCCG Endowment Team
  • Ø  10/16: Add gardener testimonies, sponsorship levels, and completion of sponsorship drafto Dr.Schelerfeedback
  • Ø  10/16-10/20: Implement revisions consult graphic design to check-ino
  • Ø  10/20: Completion of near-done draft, presentable enough without graphic design to meetwith Waseda Farms. Feedback from Dr. Scheler on any last changes needed
  • Ø  10/26: Final sponsorship packet complete and sent to printers
  • Ø  10/30-11/20: Reach out to donors via e-mail, phone, or Dr. Scheler, meet with donors,distribute sponsorship packet
    o Potentialbigdonors:PresidentBruess o Keepinclosecontactwithdonors
  • Ø  11/6-11/28: Send thank-you letters
  • Ø  11/28: Giving Tuesday
  • Ø  12/11: Submit portfolio
  • Information Needs:
    Ø Survey responses (from the white paper)
    Ø Gardener testimonials
    Ø Cosmetic statistics about BCCG (from Margaret’s presentation)
    Ø Photographs of gardeners, community plots, the teen farmer’s market, etc.
    Ø A sign-off from the Endowment committee on a giving tier/incentives for donors Ø Collaboration with editing and research teamMaterial Needs:
    Ø 10+ color copies of the Sponsorship/Donor Packet, will require a small budget. 10 colorcopies of a 4 page packet will total $4.80 at the SNC Digital Print Center, we think abudget of $10.00 would be ideal to be able to provide BCCG with copies as well. Graphic Design needs:Ø Professional, but simplistic graphic design throughout the whole document that keeps the packet consistent with the brand.
  • Project Assessment:We would like to be assessed in a qualitative manner: the level of collaboration, adherence to our vision and the vision of Giving Tuesday, and degree of professionalism. While we have a goal for fundraising, it is not guaranteed that we will reach that goal. However, if we do reach the $500, it would be a valid testament to our work. We would like to be graded as a group.Firstly, we would like to be assessed by the quality of our sponsorship packet. As this is the Sponsor and Donor Relation Team’s main project, it is fitting that the work we put into this packet would be our main piece of assessment. We would like Dr. Scheler to pay special attention to the formality, professionalism, and appearance of the packet, as this is the goal of the class. Additionally, we would like our degree of collaboration assessed.Finally, we would like to be assessed on the quality of communication with our donors. We request a grade as well as an explanation of his decision from Dr. Scheler based on our work with the donors, since this is also our main job as the Sponsor and Donor Relations Team. We ask that we are not graded on the quantity of money (if any) that they donated, but rather the quality of our ask and our chosen potential donors. Grading can be based on documentable communications such as initial e-mails, thank-you letters, and Dr. Scheler’s own observations of our sponsor interactions when he is available to attend meetings. We would like this to also be 25% of our final grade. A potential grading scale is the following:

Sponsor Final Project Proposal