Friends of the Community Garden Sponsorship Packet

Document Explained: This packet includes a cover letter addressed to potential donors and sponsors outlining the organization of Brown County Community Garden (BCG) and Friends of the Community Garden (FCG) fund. It also outlines the donor brackets and giving options for every level of monetary giving. The document provides information about land donations and in-kind donations as well.

Document Contributions: The Sponsorship Packet brought in a large sum of donations and got the interest of big donors and local businesses, resulting in their support of the FCG fund. It was presented to 4 large donors and used to secure sponsorship opportunities as well as substantial  monetary donations from individuals.

Strategy: This document was complied collaboratively among the members of the Sponsorship and Donor Relations Team. We consulted the Research Team to acquire and implement necessary statistics and facts about BCG’s work that would entice potential donors and sponsors to support the cause. Our professor, Dr. Scheler, was instrumental in the editing process and helped us streamline our ideas and provide necessary information. The graphic designer, Beth, pulled the whole piece together with beautiful graphic design that gave the writing a professional and unified appearance.

Measurement of Effectiveness: I provided a letter from FCG that evaluates my team’s work on the Sponsorship packet. This can be used to accurately see the success of our documents and their impact. Another way to measure the documents success would be to look at the monetary donations it secured from individual donors and larger sponsors. It was made to provide organizations with necessary information that would allow them to contribute to the FCG fund and that is what it did.

FCG Sponsor Donor Packet

Sponsorship Packet FCG Evaluation