Sponsorship Letter: Waseda Farms

Document Explained: This letter was used to contact a local business, Waseda Farms, to ask for the Brown County Community Garden (BCCG) to participate in their Skip the Bag Please program during the month of November.

Document Contributions: This letter ensured that a sum of money would be donated to the Brown Coutny Community Garden by the end of the month just from our passive partaking in the program.

Strategy: We met in person to fill out a form provided by Waseda Farms regarding their Skip the Bag Please program and that grew into a business letter. We felt we had more to say and we also wanted to include a brief fact sheet for the company’s perusal which we would not have had the space for on the provided form.

Measurement of the Effectiveness: Waseda Farms accepted our request for participation and Brown County Community Garden was the organization receiving donations form Waseda Farms patrons throughout the month of November. This resulted in an expected $1,000+ donation to the FCG.

Wades Farms Skip the Bag Program Letter