Project Proposal: Sponsorship Packet

Document Explained: I worked with the other members of the Sponsorship & Donor Relations Team to create a project proposal for a sponsorship packet. This proposal includes an overview of our project, needs list, timeline, and a means of assessment for the project’s success. We also touch on the vision and goals of the sponsorship packet.

Document Contributions: This document intended to give direction to the overall class project of creating and facilitating a Giving Tuesday Donation Drive for the Friends of the Community Gardens Fund. The Sponsorship Packet Project Proposal gave our team a clear objective and explained our role in and our contribution to the class project.

Strategy: We collaborated through GoogleDocs to complete this document. We jumped right in and added our thoughts before breaking it up into headers and paragraphs. We left comments and edits for each other in the comments feature.This allowed for all of us to contribute while managing our schedules.

Measurement of Effectiveness: I’ve uploaded the feedback given to us from our professor to show the success of the document within the context of the class project.

Sponsor Final Project Proposal

Sponsor Proposal Feedback

Email from Beth (FCG)

Donations Data

Email from Professor