Cover Letter


Participating in English 306 Professional Writing allowed me to learn about professional writing in a very hands-on and application-based way. The class was given the opportunity to contribute to a service learning project and collaborate with Brown County Community Garden (BCCG). The course objective was for the class to organize a Giving Tuesday Donation Drive for BCCG and produce writing projects that would benefit this cause.

The structure of the class alternated between lectures explaining different aspects of professional writing and time spent working with our teams and our writing projects specific to working with BCCG. All of the writing we did directly benefitted a local organization, Brown County Community Garden (BCCG).

The lectures were an important component to the class as they taught me about ethics, professional writing formations, and the Action Research Cycle. They provided context for everything we did in the class.

The class room was modeled after a professional environment.We split into several groups of two or more students tasked with specific writing projects that would contribute to this project.We were always thinking about how marketable and useful our writing was and we were able to see how professional wiring has impact by seeing the success of the BCCG fundraiser.

As a single member of my group, I contributed 90.5 hours to this project both in and outside of class. Our team, as well as the other teams in the class, contributed countless amounts of time and energy into this project and in the process learned plenty of new wiring skills, methodology, and philosophies behind professional writing

I was given the opportunity to work on wiring projects with a group of two classmates. Our group was called the Sponsorship and Donor Relations Team and we were tasked with writing an informational sponsorship packet to give to local organizations and individual donors with the goal of bringing in monetary donations for the Friends of the Community Garden Fund (FCG).

This piece of writing was evaluated countless times by our team of peers, our professor, and professionals at BCCG. After we decided on a final version, it was sent out to donors and sponsors. We were able to see it’s success as monetary donations started coming in as a result of our work.

It was incredibly rewarding to be a part of this project and a beneficial learning experience to work with a partner in the community.

I have provided a letter from FCG that evaluates my work as well as several email threads from my professor that are full of edits and critiques, demonstrating my involvement with this project.

Sponsorship Packet FCG Evaluation

 Email from Beth (FCG)

Sponsorship Packet FCG Evaluation